Why Guinea Hogs

With their docile disposition, good with children and the ability to maintain and even gain weight on poor forage, guinea hogs make an excellent homestead pig. Small in size ( 150 - 250 lbs.), they will yield around 50 - 100 lbs. of meat and fat, Guinea hogs are an excellent choice for todays smaller families.

Quality Meat and All Natural

We raise our guinea hogs on native pasture in the mother lode along with acorns in late summer and early fall. Supplemented with alfalfa hay and organic grain through the winter, our hogs maintain proper body weight resulting in rich, marbled meat at butcher time.

What's New

A new litter of 10 piglets born on 6/21/13! We have 3 shoats and 7 gilts ready to go soon. Call to check availability and to reserve your piglet today


Our Philosophy

To raise healthy, all natural meat, poultry and eggs on our farm to share with friends and family and those lucky enough to purchase our products.